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Merge your visions of comfort into passionate coachwork.
A need for speed into a design that will slip the winds with timelessness.

After 7 years of painstaking development, building on 50 years of
racing legend; what you see before you is as much a realization of
your dreams as it is of Spyderwerks.

The Moderne roadster is an exclusive combination of your desire for
perfection and a showcase of individualism. There will be only a
handful of these cars made. Each one unique to its owner.

You will be invited to choose from an exotic range of drivetrains, wheels,
colors and interiors. Our homage to the days of the great coach builders who
strove to weave the owner's taste into the fabric of the car,
creating some of the most sought after automobiles of their times.

Turning the key will ignite prodigious engine torque, matched with
chassis dynamics that can only be achieved with near perfect dynamic
weight balance. Beneath its sensuous coachwork lies the chassis,
suspension and V8 drivetrain of a Porsche 928. Providing the
advantages of both modern engineering and legendary performance, all
with proven reliability and ease of service.

At a price near common 4 and 6 cylinder mass produced rivals the
Moderne roadster is the stunning result of world class quality and
performance at a competitive cost.

All that's left to complete the Moderne's elegant yet bold styling
is to drop the top into its fully integrated convertible boot and
settle into a form fitted seat for an exceptional level of driver
control and ergonomics.

Then grind all the superlatives into dust as you smile, watching
everyone become a tiny spec of dust in your rear view mirror.


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